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ICC25 Progression (Working on BQ - Val - Professor) (2DKP)

Depending on availability and what the weekly is, we will be running ICC 25 on Tuesday and taking it as far as we can.  We are able to get the ugly brothers and blood council down pretty easy now, working on 25 BQ and other end wing bosses.  Come ready to raid for about 3 hours. 

ICC25 Alt Runs (Friday Nights)

When enough people are on we are trying to get a 25 alt run to do the first 4 bosses, even if you are not a Saint you can join us here :) 

ICC 10s

Depends on raid leaders availability. Our progression 10 has already killed Arthras and our second group is actually working on more Kingslayers having done full clears up to Sindragosa already.   We work on hardmodes on 10 when we can, but our priority is to get everyone in the guild that wants their King Slayer.  We try to run at least 3 ten mans a week depending on RL availability. 

Raid Rules

Be prepared - Flasks and Repairs should all be sorted out before the beginning of the raid.

No Finger Pointing - Talk directly to the raid leader if someone is under-performing or doing something incorrectly. It is his responsibility to address the issue. NOTHING IN OPEN VENT OR GUILD CHAT CHANNEL.

We give all pugs one warning on foul language.  After the first warning they will be kicked by the raid leader.  We don't put up with immaturity, name calling or people that do not follow our rules.

(Guild Invites by Officers only and by review.  Apply on the Forums)

Your best bet to get invited is to be sponsored by a current member.

Please study the fights before joining a raid, talk to your raid leader if you have any questions.